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Kiteboard Kitesurf  QR Board Leash w/ extra shock cord

Kiteboard Kitesurf QR Board Leash w/ extra shock cord


Oceanus Quick Release EEL Leash with shock cord and extra board attachment
Brand New never opened.
Don’t lose your board again!!!!
Recently Oceanus have introduced a quick release clip on the EEL leash.
Aimed at making the leash safer and easier to use by allowing you to completely remove your connection withe your board quickly and easily with a press of the release clip.
Designed specifically for kiteboarders by Oceanus who have designed the EEL. The EEL is an extendable board leash that saves you from loosing and endlessly chasing your board while kiteboarding.
The EEL is the latest in the Oceanus line and incorporates a number of popular modifications all wrapped into one unit.
It has a re-enforced the feed port of the unit from the inside making this model more similar in size, weight, and appearance to our STANDARD REEL, while offering the increased durability of our Heavy Duty REEL RE-INFORCED model.
A snap clip with a 270 pound breaking strength is used to connect the leash to the 30 inch rope extension connected to the board. In place of our standard shock cord is a 30-inch rope extension. This rope extension is doubled over and stitched to toughen it up.The rope extension is then attached to the board using your fin screws and the woven connector strap included. If you damage you damage or loose your rope extension or most leash parts can be replaced a minimal.
What’s included
Oceanus EEL reel connection loop with quick realease clip.
Harness attachment quick release clip.
30-inch rope extension to connect to your board.
Board connector with large washer
Install Instruction Book
We also a full range of Oceanus accessories perfect to go with your new real.
Popular accessories are board 30 inch Rope Extensions, Board Connectors for additional boards.
Rubber shock cords to take more impact on a heavy fall.
10 Foot leash extensions to extend the distance between you and the board incase of a fall.

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