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Remote Plug Male ASA to Male Quick Disconnect 1/8" NPT

Remote Plug Male ASA to Male Quick Disconnect 1/8" NPT


This is a remote male gun asa adapter plug. This is the standard male to quick disconnect adapter used with remote lines. Perfect for multiple guns so you don't need to keep removing and installing this adapter into different guns when you want to switch out. Paintball 1/8" female NPT to male threaded ASA adapter Aluminum fitting Terms: NPT (National Pipe Thread) ASA (Air Source Adapter) CA (Constant Air) Some of it's uses include connecting a paintball coiled remote line to a paintball marker (gun) It has the same threading as a CGA 320 Valve on a CO2 stock tank - like a 20 lb tank or a 50 lb tank etc... So it could be screwed into the nut of a CGA 320 fill nut and nipple as well. It could also be used as a UFA (Universal Fill Adapter) Paintball ASA Adapter 1/8" NPT Coil Remote Hose Tank Connector Paintball Male Tank Thread To Female 1/8" NPT National Pipe Air Hose Reducer Plug CA Paintball ASA Adapter Fitting Plug Bushing Reducer Fill Coupler 1/8" NPT Tank Thread Paintball Remote Line Fitting w/o QD Quick Disconnect CO2 Air HPA Nitrogen 1-8" NPT

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