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Stormsure Tuff Tape Waterproof Repairs 1m x 75mm

Stormsure Tuff Tape Waterproof Repairs 1m x 75mm


1x Stormsure TUFF Tape Strip in a plastic bag on a blister card (1m long, 7.5cm wide)
Stormsure ’TUFF Tape’ is a product range that contains a very strong, clear, self-adhesive, waterproof tape in various shapes and sizes. The product has a very similar make-up as Stormsure Adhesive and therefore shares many of the same characteristics such as flexibility and toughness.


Ensure that the surface is clean before using. Peel off backing paper and apply TUFF Tape directly on top of the damage, keeping it as flat as possible. Once stuck down, rub with a smooth, hard object to ensure best adhesion and least air bubbles.

Typical Uses
Awnings, Tents, Airbeds and inflatable mattresses, Inflatable canoes and beach toys, Cracked plastic, Outdoor clothing like hiking jackets and waterproof coats and trousers. Cuts on you fingers!

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